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Our company produces 100% of natural, highest quality elite wines united under the trading mark "Alilouri".

The technology of family wine making passed on from generation to generation together with already traditional dedication to wine making, and our own vineyards located in unique geographic zone, as well as the technological lines produced by the widely known brands and the scientific approach gives us the opportunity to produce premium wines in rather smaller quantities.

Mr. Paata Burchuladze

Well-known Georgian singer, founder of the international charity foundation "Iavnana", President of the Foundation.

Wine making in Georgia

The history of Georgian viticulture and wine-making counts thousands of years. This was proved by number of ampelographic, paleo-botanic, archaeological, folk and linguistic sources.

In Georgia, the prints of the grape leaves are found in the layers of the last geologic era. The archaeological excavations found the grape seeds dated to 8000 years back, grape cutting device of the bronze era, wine keeping vessels and many other household tools for wine-making.

Together with other disciplines wine-making has been taught in Georgia already since VIII century at Ikalto Academy.
Today, Georgia is recognized as a cradle of winemaking where the wild species of vine are closely entwined with local indigenous species of vine.

Geography of our vineyards

Geographically Georgia is located at the crossroad of Europe and Asia, between the Black Sea and the Kaspian Sea, that greatly influence natural diversity of Georgia and creates wonderful environment for development of original and high quality viticulture and wine-making.

65-70% of Georgian vineyards are gathered in the ancient and unique region for viticulture and wine-making - in Kakheti. The mountain Tsiv-Gombori divides Kakheti region into two parts - inner and outer Kakheti. The Inner Kakheti is located along the gorge of the river ALazani, whereas the outer Kakheti lays along the gorge of the river Iori. The harvests of these two areas greatly differ from each other most probably due to the different c;imate conditions.

The scientists prefer the inner Kakheti area, where the most well known regions of Georgian quality wineries are located. This is the very micro-zone where our vineyards are located too.

Our vineyards are set from 600 to 700 m. altitude from the sea level, where the soil is rich of humus and carbonates. The annual sum of active temperature totals 3000-3500 degrees.

The Priest Durmishkhan Tigishvili

My ancestors kept the tradition of wine-making. I got acquainted with Georgian traditional winemaking since my childhood and used to assist my father. My carrier as of the wine-maker started in 1960 when I graduated from the secondary school and started working at the #1 Winery of Tbilisi. Later I received the higher education of the wine technologist and I am confident to say that I dedicated all my life to the wine and  winemaking.

Wine is a blessed liquid for me. It offers superior warmth and pleasure.

Looking at our winery I am full of hopes and would like to add proudly that despite my experience and academic background in the field, I have never managed to make the wine like "Alilouri".

Son - Michael Tigishvili

After deciding to produce wine for sale I bought the technological and bottling lines produced by the widely known Italian brand. We took care of the bottle quality itself as the premium wines should be bottled in the high quality glass bottles. We imported glass bottles from Italy and the high quality natural oak corks - from Portugal.

Our product already competes with other premium class wines; this became possible only through the deliberate efforts by the team striving for the joint goals.

Grandson - Durmishkhan Tigishvili

In the family where I was born and brought up there was constantly a  special attitude and respect toward the wine.

My father and grand-father put enormous efforts in creation of the company so it is a serious responsibility for me to manage and develop the brand "Alilouri".

I believe our business will have the sound future. We permanently work on scientific and research experiments together with our technologist and plan to offer to our customers various unique and exclusive alcoholic beverages in future.

History of establishment of the brand

„Today I am confident to say that It was the first wine I've tasted" - said the well-known Georgian singer from the quartet "Alilo" - Lasha Ghlonti.

The singers of the quartet "Alilo" - perfect evaluators of wine where inspired by the Tigishvili family wine so  much that the new sweet song "Alilouri" was born immediately.

The singers of the quartet convinced the hosts that despite its unique production technology and limited quantities the wine should become available for the public. So, the brand of the new, strong and natural grape-wine of high quality  - Alilouri was born.

Our technologist Kakha Tchotiashvili

Mr. Kakha Tchotiashvili is the talented and qualified specialist fond of winemaking. He has enriched the Georgian traditional winemaking with the modern scientific knowledge and innovative ideas.

In 2006, at the "Georgian National Wine Contest" (Georgia) where the jury was composed mainly by the best European experts, two white wines and our chacha were awarded with gold medals.

In 2007, at the international wine contest "MINDUS VINI" (Germany) our white wine was awarded with silver medal.

In 2008, at the event "Georgia - the Cradle of Wine" (Georgia) our red wine and Chacha got gold medals.

In 2013 at the event "Georgia - the Cradle of Wine" (Georgia) our traditional Rkatsiteli wine got gold medal.

In 2013, at the joint contest of Expo-Georgia and the Quality Mark of Georgia (Georgia) three white wines of our winery were awarded with gold medals.


In order to get the absolutely natural product we take special care of vineyard and the volume of the harvest. The soil is enriched only with the organic fertilizers, and in order to keep the optimal nutritive value of grapes we often undertake a so called "green harvesting", in order to avoid the quantity's influence upon the quality.

The grape harvesting periods in Autumn are individually planned for each species of grapes and it depends on containment of glucose in the grape. The matured grapes are harvested selectively in the early a.m.

After the grapes are squeezed, we regularly stir it and control the fermentation process through the micro-biological and other types of lab tests, to be confident about the quality of the wine. After fermentation we get the free-flowed fraction that is then located in the non-corrosive special steel reservoirs after fermentation.

It is hard to resist to the temptation of making an ice-wine, especially if the vineyard is located in the area like ours. So we did not resist and the new flavor of the ice-wine appeared in our wine cellar besides our traditional wines. We harvested grapes after first frost in December, when the grapes were totally frozen at minus 7-8 degrees.

Due to the freezing of the significant part of the water inside the grapes, the juice squeezed out of frozen grapes is very little but very concentrated in terms of sugar, acidity and aroma.


The grapes were harvested selectively and gently squeezed in the basket-press. The fermentation took place during 6 weeks under the controlled temperature. Before bottling the ice-wine is kept at the low temperature regime.

ALILOURI Rkatsiteli

Dry White Wine.
Alcohol: 12,5 %

Full, soft and harmonic taste.
Wine has the color of straw reflecting the warmth of sunlight.

The aroma is blended by the flavor of different fruits, dry fruits and dried spices composed with the flavor of wheatear and autumn.

Phenol mixtures prevail in this wine, the same is true for the vaporing acids taking active part in formation and maturing of the wine.

This wine is recommended to have with poultry, fish and vegetable salads.


Red Dry Wine
Alcohol: 12.5 %

Wine is produced from Saperavi pure vine species the biological characteristics and features of which belong to the oldest vine species.

Strong, tannin and body taste.
Color - dark by.

With fruit tones and berry aroma featured to the grape species.

It is best with veal barbeque, beef steak and salty cheese.

ALILOURI Rkatsiteli Ice-wine

White Desert Wine
Alcohol: 10.5%

Color - bright gold.

Aroma of ripe pineapple, peach, apple and quince.

Taste fully repeats the aroma of flavor.
Featured with balanced citrus acids.

Leaves harmonic sweet taste.
Best match for deserts.

ALILOURI Saperavi Ice-wine

Red Desert Wine
Alcohol: 10.5%

Structure - sticky and oily.
Color - dark red. .

Aroma - featured with strong fruit flavor.
Taste - fully repeats the flavor.

Leaves the smooth taste.

Best match for sweet deserts.

ALILOURI Honey Cocktail

Honey Cocktail, the exclusive product offering the  cheerful mood and energy, jointly ensured by its perfectly blended natural ingredients.

The main ingredients of the Honey Cocktail  are: honey harvested in May, lemon and natural honey vodka (alcohol distilled from honey). 

Based on the nutritive values of the ingredients our Cocktail is rich of the spectrum of vitamins, and natural sugar (glucose and fructose).   

The bouquet of Honey Cocktail is unique and original. The mixture of honey and lemon provides wide spectrum of aromas. The Honey Cocktail will please consumer of any taste.

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